Vegan Stir Fry and a Nap

After the stress of T’s allergy testing (and my individual consumption of a pint of vegan ice cream!) I needed a nap.  3 hours later I awoke to find that Mark had not only cleaned the kitchen but made a fabulous vegan dinner!  (As an aside, this is one of those times when I would *like* to blame the need of a nap on the RA.  I mean, why can’t I use it as an excuse every once in a while??  But really, the need for a nap was due to my choices not the RA.)

This stir fry was mostly a “use-it-up” recipe.  He cooked some white rice in the rice cooker while the veggies and tempeh cooked in some sesame oil.  Using his very seasoned wok Mark stir-fried organic carrots, onions, organic edamame (frozen), mushrooms (canned), and cabbage.  He seasoned with some soy sauce and a wonderful dinner was born!  I pulled out two bags of vegan potstickers as my contribution and we all enjoyed.  (Ok, so E didn’t like the tempeh.  I think it was a textural thing.  We’ll have to play with it a bit.)


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