Planning a quick road trip…

We are joining up with some friends and taking a quick trip to Wilmington DE tomorrow to the Delaware Museum of Natural History.  So I’ve been doing my homework and trying to find a good vegan friendly restaurant for lunch.  My first choice was The Fresh Thymes Cafe but luckily I checked their facebook page and they are closed for the long weekend.  A possibility is Pho Nu Vu, a Vietnamese Pho place in Bear, DE.  Though it is a longer drive away from the museum, I am currently trying to convince the adults to drive to Newark DE to go to The Home Grown Cafe.  I mean, check out this menu!  All sorts of different amazing sounding items that can be made vegan using tofu or seitan.  The “Marinated Seitan with collard greens, caramelized squash & apple chutney” seems to be calling to me.  Or maybe the “Pulled Seitan with roasted scallions & sun dried tomato slaw on a country roll.”  Even the kid menu has vegan options!

We will probably visit the Trader Joe’s in Wilmington, or maybe Mona’s Health Foods if we find ourselves close.  (I love exploring health food stores!)  Sitting in the car for 2 hours each way is going to be hard for my RA joints so I will be planning on not doing much on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m not thrilled by the way I have to accommodate things differently now then in the past but I guess this is part of that new reality I keep talking about.  I’ll fill you in on our trip when we get back!


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