A warming vegan soup on a cold night

Tonight’s diner almost didn’t happen.   (Well, we would have eaten but it might have been almond butter sandwiches!)  Right as I went to make the soup I realized I was out of cannelini beans.  So E and I jumped in the car and went to the store, only to find that they had no cannelini beans either canned or dried.  So we bought some great northern beans.  As I was making the soup I went to cut up the kale I had Mark get, only to find that it was collard greens.  “What they hey!” I thought, I’m already in the middle so here goes!  (And in Mark’s defense he says he asked T to grab a bag of kale and somehow T got the collard greens.)

This recipe comes from Gavan Murphy’s site.  He, along with Robin Quivers (of the Howard Stern radio show), is producing an internet show about vegan cooking.  I watched this episode last week and decided we needed to try the soup.  The addition of the large amount of fresh tarragon really makes this soup.  It does have a slight licorice/anise flavor but even my licorice hating husband thought the taste was mild enough to be ok.  We had grapes and cornbread with it on this cold windy night, and there is enough left over for a lunch for me this week!  That’s a good meal in my book.


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  1. Oh my, this looks absolutely delicious. Can I come over for dinner, lol?
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Good luck with your shrunken sweater project.


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