Celebrating My New Lunchbox

As a teacher I can buy my lunch in the cafeteria if I want.  (And in the past I did do that.)  While I wouldn’t say it’s the best food, it wasn’t awful and the fact is that I often forget to pack my lunch or just run out of time.  BUT, as a vegan, there are pretty much no choices for me in the school cafeteria.  I could eat the fruit cup, or maybe the tiny salad (no dressing because I think they all have dairy).  I could drink the tiny water bottles, or the carbonated juice.  But in terms of things that will satisfy me… not so much.  Over break I bought myself this cute new lunchbox.  (Ok, so I bought it because it was on the clearance rack at Big Lots for $3 and is insulated!)  On Monday of the week Mark packed me a lovely vegan lunch and I enjoyed it.  The lunchbox proceeded to sit on my desk all week, empty save the fork and freeze thing.  So…. I am committing to filling you in on what I take for lunch every day this week.  (As a matter of full disclosure, they are calling for snow Tues that might make me not need to take a lunch for part of the week.  In that case we’ll talk: Snow Day Baking!  And I’ll pick up the week after with my lunch info!)  I figure you will keep me honest.  I don’t typically take a drink since I keep a cup on my desk that I fill with water from the water fountain.  Let’s see if I can

1)  Remember to pack my lunch

2)  Remember to take a picture and tell you what I took

3)  Remember to bring the lunchbox home

4)  Come up with some easy and tasty vegan lunchbox ideas!

I leave you with a picture of the open lunchbox.  Let’s hope it looks better when it is filled with my healthy lunch!



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