My Vegan Lunch-box, Day One

It’s 7:30 at night on Sunday and my lunch for Monday is already packed.  Woo-hoo!  There is leftover bean soup (from Saturday night), a banana, some nuts, and some vegan and gluten free oatmeal cookies based on a recipe from eggless cooking.  I used chocolate chips instead of mini m&ms in mine.  These were actually made during my baking spree last weekend, but they are still good and have been sealed in little bags since then.  Normally I would take some bread but we ate all the vegan cornbread from tonight’s dinner and I am all out of crackers.  As a matter of full disclosure, I should say that those nuts were actually in my lunch last week; I just never ate them.  I don’t know if I am destined to carry them around with me for all eternity, or for another week or so before I either eat them or decide to leave them at home.  (And I should probably admit now, publicly, that there are oreos in my classroom.  Those are vegan and yes, I have been known to filch one every once in a while!)

While I am proud of myself for packing my lunch, it’s only Sunday night.  Often my Monday lunch is packed and then it all goes south from there.  Hopefully this will not happen this week!

And I wanted to show you my new logo.  E made it for me and we are both quite proud of it.  I have tried to upload it in a few different places but every time it wants to crop it too small.  I’ll keep playing with it!  


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