Vegan Lunch-Box Day 2, The accidental Pasta Salad

I almost didn’t make my lunch for tomorrow.  You see, I worked 10 hours today.  I’m swollen, sore, and my voice is intermittent.  Mark had to go out tonight (luckily AFTER making dinner for us) but that meant I had to feed the kids, clean the table and kitchen etc.  I was just going to say “never mind” and *hope* to find something in the morning.  But I PROMISED that I would post every day this week about lunch, so I knew I had to do something.

We had rice pasta with sauce tonight and there were noodles left over.  I mixed some with a little soy mayo and then stood around wondering what else I should put in there.  I found a cucumber, and some grape tomatoes.  Then I found a package of baked teriyaki tofu, so that made its way in too.  I added some generous salt & pepper and we’ll hope for the best!  I found a container of cut up pineapple in the fridge so that got added, and then I put some Veggie Pirate Booty in a bag.  The water bottle is already on my desk.  I thought about adding other extras but I rarely have time to eat what I do pack.  (And in a moment of insanity… I was making my lunch and I thought “Wow.  This is a very fruit & veggie heavy lunch!”  I started laughing at the thought.  Of course it is fruit & veggie heavy!  I’m a vegan now!)

I finished off the oreos that were in my classroom today, so they won’t be a temptation tomorrow!


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  1. So, my lunchtime rolled around and I went to eat and guess what? I had left my lunch at home! Well, one of the perks of living close to work is that I can run home if necessary, so I did. The pasta salad was only so-so. I think it needs something to make it creamier. I’m thinking a little apple cider vinegar along with the mayo. I am going to need to work on these lunches because they have not been exciting nor interesting. Hum. Any ideas?


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