Early Dismissal Cookbook Roundup, Library Finds

School was dismissed two hours early today.  I was a little surprised, to tell you the truth, since there is no snow on the ground here.  At all.  None.  But oh well.  The powers that be decided we should go home early and early dismissal counts as a full day so I am not going to complain.  (And to be honest the extreme cold was making my voice disappear and I’m just not as effective a teacher with no voice!)  So now I’m sitting in my living room in front of a roaring fire.  I should really clean the kitchen or do laundry or one of the millions of other things that need to be done.  But I’m going to procrastinate instead!

I am *always* reading cookbooks.  Here are some I have recently gotten from the library, and a few of my old ones I have just pulled off the shelves.

Vegan on The Cheap
was a library find. (I do admit to doing periodic searches of the word “vegan” on my library search engine. Then I request any of the new ones!) I love the idea of making low cost vegan meals. Especially since we are basically gluten-free vegans these days, things are expensive! I have just disregarded the price per servings that are listed, though, since my costs are going to be different from her costs. I do think I’ll be buying this cookbook soon since there are so many that sound good to me.

I also picked up Vegan Soul Kitchen from the library.
I like the ideas for the recipes, and the combination of classic African American dishes with things inspired from more recent trips to Africa. The fact that each recipe comes with a recommended song or soundtrack is pretty cool too.

I have two more waiting for me at the library, and if the weather is good tomorrow I might stop by.  I still need to list some of my oldies but goodies…


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