Taking My Chances or Jinxing Myself??

We came home early from school today due to some weather that was forecasted but never showed up when it was supposed to.  We are *still* supposed to get that weather tonight though it sounds like it might be more ice than snow.  Down here near the ocean we do tend to come to a standstill when there is anything like this so the chance of us not having school tomorrow is pretty great.

Of course, if I want to guarantee no school I should just make my lunch.  If I go to the effort we’ll probably be closed.  That is the way my luck usually runs!  But I’m going to take my chances…. (Besides, we are likely to have a delay at the very least and I can get my lunch made in that time.  I *promise* I’ll make one if we have school!)

The animals think it’s a good idea, apparently!  (See, I had to find a way to get all my goofy pictures from the natural history museum into a post at some point!


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