Procrastinating before work explodes. But I do still need to eat…

Today is a federal holiday so I’m home.  But really I should be working.  My workload is about to explode here for about the next 6 weeks, but especially for the next 2.  The last time my workload got this bad (this time last year) I did not have a diagnosis for why I felt so bad.  Now I know it is RA so, theoretically, I should be able to take care of myself better.  I have to admit that I am fearful I will lapse back into my old ways of eating junk on the run and not getting enough sleep while I trudge through this work.  Granted I will be eating vegan junk this time but really, that’s not what I want for myself.

So I’m trying to take this one step at a time.  I still need to eat, and I still need to take care of myself.  I need to pack a lunch every day (even if it’s the can of vegan soup I just bought and a banana) and I need to sleep.  I’m going to work some this afternoon, then take the time off for a movie with a friend, and then get back to work.  I’m going to try to make healthy choices that I can eat easily and quickly and just try and do my best.  I suppose that’s the best I can hope for!


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  1. You can join E.A.T world any time you want, and you can participate as often or as little as you want as well! There are no rules! I’m looking forward to reading about your imaginary travels! 🙂

    I hope your exploding workload doesn’t get to be too stressful! Can you pack a bento box for lunch?


  2. Thanks River! I am excited to be able to participate in E.A.T world! I’ll send you a link when I do it.

    I take a lunchbox to school/work every day. I’m just not good at packing it, remembering to take it, or remembering to bring it home. 🙂 I have been posting my lunches lately in hopes that it will make me remember to take it! But with all the craziness coming we will have to see…


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