Dinner in Morocco (well, my dining room…)

So, tonight we ate in Morocco.  Well, it was truthfully my dining room but the fabulous meal that Mark made transported me (sorta!) to Morocco.  In order to try and help prevent what has become the common occurrence in my home: Arriving at dinner time with no idea what to make.  This is hard enough for any family, but with a vegan, a wheat-free child, and some omnivores, this creates quite the issue!  So I have tried to make a basic idea of a menu.  At least I am trying to have an idea of a main dish determined.  Tonight’s meal was chosen from one of the many vegan cookbooks I currently have on loan from the library.

“Vegan Planet” gave me the recipe for “Chickpea and Green Bean Tagine” that was just amazing.  It smelled wonderful too!  There was a lot of prep but once it was all ready to go it wasn’t difficult to put together.  We served it over brown rice and the flavors were so interesting.  It was pretty sweet, but for our dried fruit we used raisins, cranberries, prunes & dates which are all sweet fruits.  I do think next time I’d leave the sugar out if we use such sweet fruit.  The fresh green beans and the almonds were a great texture next to the garbanzo beans and other veggies.  And the lemon zest was strong enough that I really think the dish would not be as good without it.

And since I visited Morocco on my plate tonight, this post is a part of  the E.A.T. World Blog Challenge!

(An added benefit to this lovely dinner?  I now have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!)


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  1. Yay! Welcome to the fun that is E.A.T World, Jen! What a fabulous way to kick off your international adventures! I don’t own a copy of Vegan Planet, but it’s definitely on my wishlist! 🙂


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