Breakfast. Alone.

I’m home sick today.  I don’t feel horrible, but my body is *definitely* telling me that I need to rest.  I have very little voice (It’s an RA thing) and teaching without a voice is terribly difficult.  So I’m home.  As it turns out, I am actually doing paperwork for work, but I’m doing it in sweats with my fireplace burning in the background so it’s not too bad.  A little alone time is nice as well.

After I took the kids to school I decided I needed a healthy breakfast to fuel my paperwork.  (And since I have been up since 3 am, I figured some healthy protein was in order.)  So I cooked up some thick cut oats in 2/3 soy milk and 1/3 water.  (To be honest, it was only these proportions because the soymilk container was finished and I was too lazy to get another!)  Then, after it was cooked, I added a generous tablespoon of peanut butter and stirred until it was melted and well mixed.  I added a drizzle (Yes it was generous!) of maple syrup and there was a warm filling breakfast that tasted like eating a soft oatmeal cookie fresh from the oven.

Now I can get to my paperwork.  Oh wait!  The fire needs stoking… 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. Peanut butter in oatmeal??? I’d never thought of such a thing – you’re a genius!!! I’m going to have to try that!


  2. It was heavenly. Have got to admit it… 🙂


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