Dinner in France. Once again, in my dining room

I realize that this is going to look odd, last night’s dinner posting *after* this morning’s breakfast.  But I had some documents that had to get written today before I did anything of substance.  Isn’t it interesting how writing about my breakfast didn’t seem substantial to make me want to wait, but writing about dinner did?  Hum…  This one may take some pondering.

Regardless, my sweet husband made dinner again last night.  E and I had both had a touch of the stomach bug that is going around.  Now, I admit that this dinner seems a little odd considering we had stomach issues, but we were both feeling ok stomach-wise by dinner time.

And since he loves me, he also chose a recipe that would qualify for E.A.T World!  Again we went to the library copy of “Vegan Planet.”  (And since we had two very successful meals from this cookbook I went on ebay and bought myself a used copy.)

So we went to France with a wonderful “White Bean Cassoulet”  The first picture shows the cassoulet right out of the oven; The second picture has the added dry toasted breadcrumbs (wheat free of course!) and fresh parsley; The third is my bowl.

One of the things I’ve been impressed with as I’ve eaten the last two nights was the amount of flavor these recipes have had.  There have been levels of spice and flavor that, frankly, I have had trouble finding in vegan food up until now.  Obviously, this means I haven’t been cooking good vegan food or finding the right recipe.  Mark went out and bought miso paste for this soup so I’m looking forward to using it in other things.  I was a little shocked since I have always associated miso paste with Asian food, not French.  But the flavor on this was very reminiscent of my time in Paris.  Earthy and good with bits of peppery flavors.  The parsnips added a really nice crunch with their peppery flavor.  And I loved the added breadcrumbs and parsley.  The breadcrumbs thickened it a bit and the parsley added a little bit of freshness that was lovely.

We are starting to eat better around here, and this is helping all of us realize we can, in fact, eat this way successfully.  We’ll see how it goes when I have to cook tonight!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Trés fabuleux! How cool that you were able to buy a used copy of Vegan Planet! Half of my cookbook collection consists of used copies from either ebay or paperbackswap.com. Frugal and Earth friendly! 😀

    OK, I’m done procrastinating. I’m updating the E.A.T World page now…


  2. LOL on the updates!

    I buy most of my books of all kinds (and I’m a voracious reader) at thrift stores and on ebay. I will admit to buying a few retail, but when I’m done I always pass them along. I bought a few with Christmas money, since I need some help with the transition to veganism, but have been requesting all the vegan cookbooks in the system too. That way I get to preview and decide what I want!


  3. Posted by Lisa on January 21, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    I have three small veg cookbooks (with lots of pics) that you are welcome to peruse. One of them is great as a weeknight go-to book, and you can tell I used it quite a bit as it has lots of food splash. Can drop in your mailbox at school.


  4. Would love to look at them Lisa! Thanks!


  5. Posted by Kristin on January 22, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    Looks great!!


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