Vegan Fast Food on Delmarva

So, I didn’t pack a lunch today.  I admit it.  I’m a sloth.  I’d like to say I still wasn’t feeling that well this morning, but that’s a lie.  I was just lazy.  But come lunch time, boy, was I hungry!  So I went to my go-to place for quick vegan food down here on the shore, Rise Up Coffee.  This is a small local chain located in a tiny location.  Mostly to-go food.  You pull along one side of the building to place your order and pay, and then go around to the other side of the building to pick up.  It’s a very cool place and they send free coffee to Peace Corps volunteers which I think is a fabulous thing!

My lunch today was the vegan burrito (tofu & spinach), a half berry/half pineapple smoothie (that was at the suggestion of the woman at the window.  I usually get mango and wanted something different.  This combination rocked and will be my preferred for quite a while!), and a double chocolate vegan cookie.  Wow.  It was good; It was fast; And I ate it in my car while reading my current book.  It was a lovely interlude in my day!  I wish there were more choices down here but I am trying to make the best of what I’ve got at my disposal.


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