A Day of Meals

As I was hopping around vegan blogs recently I noticed that some said they were created to answer the question “What do you vegans eat, anyway??”  (And this one is titled exactly that!)

I thought of this yesterday as I realized that I had photographed all three main meals.  I did have some snacks (a banana, some coconut milk yogurt, and the subject of the previous post, the dreaded non-vegan cupcake) but these were my meals.  Remember it was a weekend so I had a little more time.  My pictures are not as pretty as those on most other vegan food websites, but I’m trying on remedying that.  My goal is that, a year from now, I’ll think “Wow.  Look how far I have come in food photography!”


Breakfast was a tofu scramble inspired by StoneSoup’s post.  I had never scrambled tofu before, and scrambled eggs are something I have missed.  I had some Trade Joe’s Organic Extra Firm Tofu that was *just* beyond it’s expiration date I wanted to use up so this seemed like a great way to do it.  I made the spice mix that stone soup recommends and even my non-curry loving husband thought it smelled good.  I did use chili powder as it was what I had.  And while I think that this scramble would probably be amazing with the spinach she recommended, I didn’t have any so I used some broccoli.  I steamed the broccoli first so it was tender crisp, and then just heated it up with the tofu.

I enjoyed this, but thought it needed a lot of salt.  While it was flavorful, there was something missing.  I think next time (and there will be a next time since half of this is sitting in the fridge, waiting to be reheated) I may put it in a wrap.  I will definitely pull out some of the mango chutney I just bought on a whim, because I think that would be a good flavor addition and might take this to the level where it goes from good to Yummmmm.


Lunch was the first actual regular sandwich I have made since going vegan other than a quick peanut butter and jelly.  I know that sounds weird, but it’s the truth.  It’s as if I have been trying to avoid “normal” which is fine, but sometimes I just want a sandwich.

This is a round bread that is vegan with some tofurky deli slices, a little vegan mayonnaise,  sliced tomato, and butter lettuce.  I added a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top of the veggies.  This was my first time trying the deli slices and I have to admit I was impressed.  The texture was right on, and the taste was a little bland but was a good foil for the vegetables and sauces.  I would definitely eat a sandwich made of this again.  The chips are some rice chips I picked up at an off-price store.  You’d be surprised at the vegan, gluten free, and organic food you find at places like Big Lots, Ollies, Marshalls, Ross, and even Dollar Tree.  I have always attributed it to the fact that the specialty food is more expensive and not all will sell, so the extras go to the closeout places.  I have found some wonderful bargains and it certainly is a good way to try something out.


Dinner was some pizza from a local place since the birthday party girls were having pizza.  It’s their primavera pizza that I get without cheese.  It gets soggy if it sits, but warm it is really very good.  The side dish is based loosely on The Cranberry-Broccoli slaw recipe at vegweb.  I omitted the celery and onion (celery because I hate it and onion because I thought, would that small amount really make a difference) and used sliced salted almonds and pineapple.  While it was ok, I wouldn’t make it again without some changes.  First would be to definitely try the onion in it.  Second would be to double the sauce.  I like my slaws saucy, and this was just too dry for me.  I liked the flavor, it just didn’t have enough of it.

I read an old post on meal planning from a new vegan blog I just discovered and decided I *really* need to work on my meal planning.  Plus looking at what I can actually eat in a day, given some time, is making me want to plan better.  Let’s see if I can keep it up, so to speak!  🙂


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