WF/Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Version 1

I am on the search for the best wheat free & vegan chocolate chip cookies.  In the end I might come up with several favorite recipes, but I am definitely looking for a go-to recipe for what is considered the standard cookie in our house.

Tonight I tried the recipe from “Flying Apron’s Gluten Free & Vegan Baking Book”

It calls for brown rice flour and garbanzo bean flours.  I used soy milk for my milk (I use soy for baking and almond for drinking), and chopped roasted almonds since we have peanut and pecan allergies here.  You mix them in the stand mixer using the paddle attachment for about 3 minutes.  The texture of the batter looked like traditional chocolate chip cookie batter; The taste on the batter wasn’t great which is a disappointment to someone who loves batter as much as I do, but I didn’t hold that against the recipe!

These did not turn out as brown and pretty as the picture in the book.  They don’t spread at all so be aware that the way you put them on the tray is the shape they will end up in.  They got brown on the bottom but stayed sort of pasty white.  The book recommended dusting them with cocoa powder.  I tried that on some, but they didn’t look better to me so I stopped.  And be sure to spray the trays well.  On the second round of baking I must have missed re-spraying a tray because they came out sticking to the pan.

These tasted like they had peanut butter in them which was interesting since they had none.  I’d guess that it came from the large amount of garbanzo bean flour.  (Mark said, deadpan “I *have* heard that garbanzo bean flour tastes like peanut butter”  LOL)  The texture is a little dry, but these were closer to traditional chocolate chip cookies then I have had in the past.  With a mug of almond milk they were pretty good.  T really enjoyed them, which is what I am trying for so that was a win.

I’m not done trying out recipes for chocolate chip cookies, but this one bears repeating.


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