Vegan Strata & how wonderful art thou, my library

Yum.  Vegan strata for dinner.  Another recipe from a library cookbook.  Our local library is pretty well stocked, but it is just one branch.  Luckily we can request books from any of the libraries within 3 counties.  So I’ve been requesting every vegan cookbook that looks good.  (Apparently the library in the beach town 30 minutes away has more of a reason to have vegan cookbooks then my local library does.)  I keep getting emails saying “Your requested materials are in” so I keep making the trip downtown.  I do a little run through the cookbook section, looking to see if anything looks good.  Last time I was there I got a few I haven’t looked at yet like “The Macrobiotic Community Cookbook” and “The Indian Vegetarian”  I often request the well known ones and then happen upon the smaller and out of print ones.  It gives me lots of recipes to consider.  (And if I happen, while over in the cookbook section, to take a few steps towards the outside of the building in order to put myself in the paperback section and choose a few brain candy books to read just for fun then that’s ok too, right??)

Mark chose this recipe for “Mushroom and Spinach Strata” from “VEGANOMICON”  We used rice bread for the bread part, and sliced baby portabellas instead of the cremini mushrooms called for.

We liked this, but felt like it was missing something.  While there were lots of spices in this, plus a ton of shallots and garlic, we just felt like it needed more oomph.  We discussed adding some tomatoes, but I keep thinking that something that has been marinated in oil would be good.  (roasted red peppers maybe?)  The texture was perfect and I loved the veggies, so I think we will make it again with something added for some spice.

And as an aside, Mark has been a little reluctant to come on this ride but has none the less jumped on board with me because he is supportive and wonderful and all that.  But I was still amused to get an email at work today while he was home with the kids who didn’t have school.  It said “We DO have soft tofu right???  I’m going to check the outside refrigerator.”  Yes dear, we always have tofu!


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