Vegan Baking Day!

Today was the day to begin the task of coming up with some wheat-free & vegan baking recipes we really like.  I attempted four recipes (that all involved chocolate!  Wow, that wasn’t even planned!).  As expected when dealing with not only 4 distinct personalities and their preferences, but different cooking styles then we’ve ever used, we came up with some varied responses.  3 recipes belong to other people, and one was mine.  So this post will be about the 3 I tried from others, and I’ll profile the 4th in its own post along with the recipe.

I made a variation of Alicia Silverstone’s Crispy Peanut Butter Treats with Chocolate Chips Basically, I got a box of brown rice crisps on super sale at Big Lots and couldn’t get T to eat them on their own.  (I admit, they were little round crunchy balls and tasted NOTHING like rice krispies.)  So I decided to try to make something with them.  This recipe uses brown rice syrup, something you can often find in the health food section.  It’s a natural sweetener made with only brown rice.  In terms of full disclosure, this is not a favorite in my house.  The taste is a little “different.”  I have gotten used to it, but the rest of the family just tolerates it.  Which is why I added extra chocolate to this recipe, hoping to offset the taste that no one is that thrilled with.  The original recipe called for peanut butter, but since we have an allergy to that I used almond butter.  Also, not a favorite here but you work with what you’ve got.  I added the 1/2 cup chocolate chips (And I did not use grain sweetened chips but ghiradelli ones that are vegan) when the mix was hot so they melted.  Then I put an additional 1/2 cup on top.  They melted a bit but mostly kept their shape.

If your family is not used to grain sweetened things (IE “healthy” sweets) this is probably not the recipe to start with.  I enjoyed them, but the rest of the family was a little iffy.  I think, if we had used peanut butter, it would have tasted more “n0rmal” but the almond butter just went too far off from what they are used to.  I’ll try these again in a few months and see if anyone but me will eat them!

Ok.  These rock!  These are the Gluten-Free Goddess’ Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I did sub Arrowroot flour for the tapioca flour.  Haven’t been able to find tapioca flour on delmarva so far (and I wouldn’t use the potato based sub recommended since we have a potato allergy here!).  These taste like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.  You could serve these to someone who is not wheat-free OR vegan and they would happily eat them (if they like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!).  Only thing I want to mention is that, like other oil based cookies I have made in the past, the batter does not accept the chocolate chips as easily as a butter based batter.  You have to mush the chocolate chips in with your hands.  Don’t worry.  It’s worth it.

I also made a vegan black bean brownies recipe.  E liked them, while the rest of us did not.  I think it was a textural thing.  This is not going to be an overnight easy transition.  And some recipes aren’t going to work out as well.  That’s ok.. I got to lick the icing spoon!


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