You Win Some…. You Lose Some….

Today was a tough day.  Lots of fires to put out at work, plus feeling really rough.  (A typical infection gets worse when you take RA meds that reduce your immune system.)  I feel bad with the infection, plus I am very swollen.  So by the time I drug myself through the door I was pretty exhausted.

Mark volunteered to make breakfast for dinner.  For the omnis in the house he defrosted some bacon and I started thinking that I’d like something with that texture and flavor.  Since I haven’t been able to find a vegan breakfast sausage or bacon locally I decided to go looking for a recipe.  Having read a lot about tempeh bacon, I thought that would be a good place to start.

Marinating tempeh becomes

tempeh bacon.  Isn’t it pretty?








Problem is, it didn’t taste that good.  It had a funny taste and I don’t think I cut it thin enough.  (So, to be honest, the dog got the rest and she was *very* happy.)  The rest of dinner was good, and I am determined to find a fakin’ bacon recipe I like, eventually. Any ideas??

And you know how I often say we are dealing with all these changes through laughter?  


T was very happy with his melon mustache!


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