Family Chili Night

Yesterday was almost 60 degrees, and today it was in the 30s and windy.  Brrr.  Chili was the perfect dinner on this cold night, and even better since Mark could start it when he got home from work and it could be ready when we got home from E’s art class.

There is something wonderful about a big pot of chili on the table….


We serve our chili over rice  which is a nice foil to all the beans.  Some gluten-free cornbread accompanied the chili.  We ran out of cornmeal in the middle so it was made with 2/3 cornmeal and 1/3 polenta.  It gave it an interesting texture; a little thicker.  (Mark said it gave it a meaty texture and I laughed and said you didn’t say that to a vegan!)

It was a good family meal on a cold night!  (Though I have to admit that T decided he wanted to eat his chili without rice.  I was a little surprised when I looked over to see that he had put some rice in a bowl and was eating it with sweet & sour sauce on top!  Can we say “fusion food” gone a little too far??  )


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