Anniversary Dinner!

Last night Mark and I celebrated 15 years of marriage.  Like many parents of small-ish children, we celebrated with dinner at home.  Tonight, however, we went out.  Got a kid-sitter and went out!  We Chose Sobo’s because the menu said “Vegetarian Friendly” and when I emailed they said they would have no problem accommodating a vegan.  (Mark also mentioned that I was vegan when he made the reservation.)

We got a great little table and looked through the menu.  Tonight there was a guest chef along with the regular chef, and so there were some specialty items.  I let the server know right away that I was vegan and she went back to ask some questions of the chefs.  When she came back she had some questions of me, and I was glad they were clarifying to make sure they knew exactly what I wanted.

I had sparkling water of course!  (It is one of my weaknesses, and not something I get often!)  For an appetizer I had the roasted beet salad, without the blue cheese crumbles.  Now, the menu said roasted beet and artichoke salad, but mine did not have any artichoke.  (Could have been cooked in butter).  The greens were crispy and fresh, and the vinaigrette was amazing.  I was sopping it up with my bread when our server came to take my plate.  She then brought me just a little container of vinaigrette, and I used the rest of the bread to eat it!  (Actually, I was impressed with the bread.  She informed us it would take a little longer than normal for the bread since they were getting us some ready without butter on top.  Fine by me!)  I *know* I should have taken a picture of the salad but I was too hungry and too excited.  Sorry!

For my entree I was offered a couple of choices.  I chose the lentil stew with fried plantains.  Not the best picture as it was sort of dark but you can get an idea.  The plantains were crispy and well done, and a nice contrast to the soft lentil stew.  Oh, and the stew had some long pieces of celery in it.  Typically I detest celery,   but this was good and I happily ate it!

Our server offered me a coffee drink for dessert, since there were no vegan dessert options but I passed.  A really good meal and I was happy to have actual choices.  Since my first meal out on the shore as a vegan consisted of half a plate of steamed broccoli and half a plate of steamed green beans, I’ve been a little leery of eating out.

After a quick trip to the grocery store (Yes, we are exciting!) we came home to pay the kid-sitter and send her on her way.  I kissed the kids and then made myself my very own vegan dessert!   This is a banana sliced in half, some chocolate soy ice cream, and some blueberry sauce.  It was wonderful and worth waiting for!


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