The Freezer Cleaning Has Begun!

Mark had a class a few hours away to attend, so the kids and I are hanging out today.  We made a quick trip to the library, and I will be taking E to Girl Scouts’ later on.  But mostly we have been at home.  Fire in the fire place, washer and dishwasher going, pandora playing on the laptop.  It’s been quiet and nice.  So I decided to tackle part one of the pantry challenge, being able to figure out what is in my freezer!

I am not proud of it, but this is what my inside freezer looked like this morning.

It’s a side-by side and it is PACKED, as you can see.  I did move the bags of pureed tomato out to freezer in the garage.  I got rid of some things that had *definitely* seen better days.  The little bits of veggies went into the pot on the stove for stock.  And everything got organized.  I did find something interesting:   That is a large bowl and some 20+ frozen bananas.  I throw them in the freezer when they are getting too brown and, apparently, forget about them!  (I put about half back in the freezer and left half out for baking today.  E made us a smoothie with a few of them.)

The top shelf has meat and dairy on it.  (Remember, I do live with omnis.)  The second shelf has vegan items but that have wheat and/or gluten in them.  The other shelfs are things we can all eat.  There were several containers of prepared vegan food (leftovers we froze, mostly) that I didn’t even remember we had!  I left the bottom drawer open.  In the past this is where I put things for the kids to pull out and put in their lunches.  Over the last few months I haven’t been as good at that, and it was full of all sorts of things.  I’m still tired, and it’s not always easy for me to get the individual treats made, but I’m going to try.

It looks better, at least!  After we went to the library and while my vegan hot-dogs were cooking, I cleaned out the fridge.  It hadn’t been gone through in a while and there were some questionable items.  I always feel bad throwing out food, but I don’t want to take any chances with my family and their health.  So, after cleaning things out, I went to Fountains of Hope International and donated some money to buy a water purifier for a program in Haiti a friend of mine is associated with.  “To whom much is given much is expected”

The freezers (and the fridge) in the garage are still in need of attending to, as are both pantries.  But I’m taking what I did as a win!  I’ll be baking some later today to use things up, and planning our meals this week around what we have.  Wonder what I can come up with….


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