12 hour work days means food on the run…

For some people December is the busiest month of the year what with holidays and shopping and parties etc.

For me, It’s February.  I have a massive project due at the end of February every year.  Even though I know this is due at the end of the month, it still always seems to shock me just a bit!

So I’m working 12 hour days and coming home to collapse.  It’s tough on my RA (my voice has been intermittent and my feet and hands hurt quite intensely) but I make due since it’s only a month.  Luckily I have an incredible husband who takes care of things for me; He makes sure the kids are picked up, taken where they need to go, and fed.  So I (mostly) just have to think about me.  I also try not to do this every day of the month, so that gives us all a break.

Last night’s dinner with peanut butter and jelly.  (Ok.  Ok.  I’ll come clean.  It was actually peanut butter & blueberry syrup on bread.  I am *obsessed* with this blueberry syrup….)  Tonight’s was a vegan breakfast burrito from the freezer.  Since dinner has been consumed around 8 pm, right before I fall asleep, I’m not going for anything very heavy.

Tomorrow night will probably be crazy as well, but then I think things will calm down a bit.  (Or not.  I am always trying to delude myself into thinking this won’t last long!)  Hopefully there will be more cooking soon!


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