Wednesday Night Dinner Out

On Wednesday nights the kids go spend the evening with their grandparents.  I have time to work late without guilt, go to an appointment, etc and Mark has time to work on his school work by himself.  It’s a wonderful arrangement.

Last week we got crazy and did our taxes on Wednesday night.  Today I got an email at work from Mark saying “Want to sign taxes tonight?  I know how to treat a woman!”  LOL  So tax signing it was!  Afterwards he asked if I wanted to get some dinner or go back to work.  Well, having worked two 12 hour days in a row, I was ready for a break.

We headed to a local Chinese Place for some dinner.  It is wicked cold out (possibility of some snow in tonight’s forecast but I’ll believe it when I see it!) and the wind is awful.  Good decision then, to start with some soup.

The bean curd vegetable soup for two is very mild but warming.  I only ate about 1/3 and now have my lunch for tomorrow!

We actually chose this place because I wanted veggie sushi.  And luckily it did not disappoint!

3 types of sushi, including tempura.  I have to say, I really liked having both fried veggies in one and raw veggies in the others.  It gave me the correct textural mouth feel I was looking for.  Some fresh and crunchy, and some breaded and crunchy.  Mixed in with with soft rice and the nori and it was really good.  Delmarva is not known for having phenomenal sushi, but it’s not bad.  I should probably admit that I did, indeed, eat all of this!


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