The idea of “vegan junk food”

Yesterday I came across a very interesting article that has made me think.

Say Goodbye to vegan junk food

The reality of my life is this:

  • I’m busy.  (Two 12 hour work days this week is not the norm, but it happens relatively frequently.)
  • I hurt.  (That’s the “RA” part of the title of the blog!  Sorry.  Couldn’t resist!)
  • I have many responsibilities.
  • And I’m still learning how to cook for us all.  (Vegan is one thing, but add in all of T’s recently discovered food allergies…)

Very quickly; Much too quickly in fact, I have fallen into relying on quick fix vegan junk food.  Just because it doesn’t contain animal products doesn’t immediately make it healthy.  (The mini oreos I had for lunch yesterday would be a PRIME example…)

In reading through some comments on vegan junk the thing that struck me was one person saying “I’m vegan and yet I eat very few fruits and vegetables…”   I don’t see myself being like some people who’s comments I have read recently who say “If I don’t make it, I won’t eat it.”  That’s just not practical for me.  But I do need to find ways to eat less junk and more healthy real food.  Because I did this for my health; If I’m just replacing with junky vegan stuff, it’s not worth it.


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  1. Posted by natalamc on February 10, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    Hi 🙂

    I totally understand… about not having a lot of time. There are some healthy faster things you can do, especially if you don’t have time to cook meals, or prepare.
    First, Jeff Novick has a great video called “Fast Food” that shows a bunch of meals you can make in under 10 minutes using a can opener and scissors (seriously), you might like it.
    Second, you can get some prepackaged things to make life easier right now – frozen brown rice, frozen vegetables, pre-cut veggies/fruits, boxes of POMI tomato puree.
    Third: Add kale or greens whenever you can, just cook them quickly and add on top of almost anything.

    Another thing I like doing is prepping a lot of food at once – like in 2 hours on a Sunday. I make large batches of beans (pressure cooker) big things of soup, I make brown rice and quinoa and freeze it.

    It definitely gets easier as you go. Let me know if you need anything 🙂


    • Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! I will look up the video; that sounds great. I used to do a lot of prep on the weekends but lately have fallen out of it. I really should try that again…And I have to confess, I am afraid of my pressure cooker. Should I try to get over that fear and use it??


  2. […] easy to fall into being a junk food vegan.  In fact I’ve written about it twice (here and here) and I have only been blogging about 7 months.  And it’s easy for me to be rather […]


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