Pantry Challenge: What to do with this tofu?? (Part 1)

So… I have 3 packages of silken tofu in my fridge that are past the sell-by date.  I did a little research and they are still ok as they smell fine etc.  But I need to do something with them TODAY and it needs to be something where the tofu is cooked.  (No pudding replacer with this tofu…)  So…. I’m not sure what it will be or whether or not I’ll be successful.  If you have any ideas I’d LOVE to hear them.  I’m off to look through cookbooks and the internet and I’ll fill you in on what I decide to do….


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  1. Posted by Kate on February 13, 2011 at 8:56 AM

    you could use them in a smoothie or make a mouse with them. put the tofu in a food processor and mix with coco powder and a bit of maple syrup. yum!


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