Very Veggie Pizza and Fusion Cabbage

I’m still thinking about the Vegan junk I talked about in my last post and trying to eat more actual fruits & vegetables as opposed to processed vegan-type products. That doesn’t mean I’ve quit my job, gone into RA remission, and started cooking everything from scratch in less than 2 days. (Wouldn’t that be a shock??) Nah… I’m just trying to make better choices.

Thursday night we had planned on pizza because we were supposed to be taking care of some extra kids. This didn’t happen due to some sickness on their part, but we had a bunch of pizza crusts defrosted so we went along with our original idea. (We did, of course, make a Gluten-Free crust for T) The crust we use for our regular pizzas is one we buy in the prepared food section of one of the local grocery stores. (Giant, in case you were wondering) It’s not their brand, and I have thrown out the packaging and can’t remember the name but it has a brick oven picture on the front. It’s all natural and vegan and easy to throw in the freezer. We pull it on in the morning on the day we want to use it. We pre-bake it for a bit, and then top and bake.

I used jarred spaghetti sauce because it’s what I had.  I wish I could say it was organic and natural, but it wasn’t.  Sometimes you try to make the best choices you can with what you’ve got.  I topped it with a sprinkling of dayia for a cheesy taste, but not much.  Then added mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and yellow peppers until the top was literally full of veggies.  It was quite good and satisfied my pizza craving quite nicely!  (I also ate the leftovers for lunch on Friday so no mini oreos for me!)

Friday night I got home tired but actually feeling some resolve to work in the kitchen.  My RA was rough but I *wanted* to cook, so I did. I used The Happy Herbivore Cookbook as a jumping off point.  Her Mexican Cabbage recipe had been speaking to me, but we didn’t have all the ingredients and I am trying hard not to run to the store and instead use what I have.

Basically, I cooked some onion and garlic in water.  Added the cabbage and some tomato sauce (frozen from last year’s garden surplus), some tomato paste, some goya tomato cooking base, and some herbs.  I let it cook down and then added a can of black beans and some edamame.  The edamame was where the fusion came in, as it was supposed to be corn but I didn’t have any.  (In fact, while Mark was looking in the freezer he started sounding like the count from Sesame Street as he said “Two- Two bags of edamame.”  Since we had quite a few, I decided to sub it in!)  I topped mine with a dollop of soy sour cream and we served it with homemade corn chips.  (The easiest recipe ever!  Cut corn tortillas into triangles.  Put them on a sprayed baking sheet.  Spray them.  Sprinkle salt.  Bake 15 minutes or so.)

While this wasn’t gourmet food, it was filling and good.  (E didn’t like it though…)  Mark and I thought it might be a really good filling for enchiladas.  I preferred it scooped up with the chips instead of eaten straight, but it was a fine meal and I was happy we were actually eating veggies.





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