RA and stress do NOT equal a good combination

The past month has been sort of a blur.  LOTS of work to do, plus trying to take care of the normal stuff.  This is never an easy situation, but when you add in the RA it was almost crushing.  I worked until my hands were swollen to the point where I had trouble bending my fingers, or to the point where my voice was so gravelly I decided it was time to stop.  I ate, but didn’t cook much.  Veggie hot dogs or a little peanut butter on some bread became staples.  As did granola bars and mugs of almond milk.  I joked with Mark that I only ate so I could take my medicine… food didn’t hold much appeal.

But I have emerged from the other side.  Stress is not gone from my life, but it is back to a normal level.  And now that this is true, I may have to start considering how the RA really influences things and decide if changes need to be made.  (Someone to clean my house, maybe?)  I’ve missed blogging about the experience of trying to adjust our way of eating and positively impact my health……  Let’s see if I can get back into it.  I might wade in instead of jumping in; I am trying to be a little more moderate.  I’m trying to learn to deal with the RA because it is there.  Not wanting it to control me I often try to ignore it, but that’s not going to work I am seeing.  Thanks again for being a part of the ride!

Now, who wants to try some vegan and gluten free cake?  I think that is on the agenda for today…


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