Roasted Root Vegetables and Lentils

While it did hit 60 degrees today, it has cooled off considerably this evening.  The warm weather has me thinking about summer vegan cooking including grilled veggies and cold salads and how wonderful that will be.  But for now, I do want to enjoy a few more soups and stews (as Mark doesn’t like them when it gets warm).

So for dinner tonight I chose a recipe called Baked Lentil-Veggie Stew and modified it a bit.  Interestingly, the end result wasn’t a stew at all but a sort of casserole that we served over rice.

Notice that yummy roasted brussel sprout up front?  It was actually the impetus for the dish, since I wanted something to use up the fresh ones in my fridge.  Basically this is an onion, carrots, rutabagas, parsnips, brussel sprouts, and lentil bake.  There is veggie broth plus savory, thyme, ginger, and bay leaves.  It baked for about an hour and then we served it over jasmine rice with some braggs. 

Now, the kids are not huge fans of brussel sprouts but they did have some.  (Ok.  I can’t lie.  They each had one.  It was a start.)  The original recipe did not call for parsnips, but we think it made the dish.  The peppery bite really added to the flavor, and I think it would have been too bland without it.  There was enough left over that I would typically have frozen the rest for another meal, but I don’t think this would freeze well so I didn’t.  Let’s hope I remember to eat the leftovers!


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