An Easy Weeknight Dinner and An Ode to Stock

Often, when I tell people that we are a vegan and gluten-free family they wonder out loud “What do YOU EAT??”  Tonight’s dinner was a perfect, and easy example.

Salad and pasta.  Yum.  We have discovered that we prefer corn pasta to the other GF varieties.  I actually thought these elbows had an even better texture then the regular spaghetti we have previously tried.  We’ve already started talking about doing a baked pasta with these elbows.  It didn’t take long, and we had a tasty and healthy meal that met all of our food issues.

Also tonight we bagged up our veggie stock.  Mark made it on Saturday when we cooked dinner.  We have looked through lots of different stock recipes over the years, but we just wing it now.  We put as many veggies and peelings as we have into a large pot and cover it with water.  Mostly we use peelings and the extra pieces of vegetables we’d be throwing out.  Then we add some bay leaves and a handful of peppercorns plus some salt.  We let it simmer for a few hours and then put it in the fridge to chill for at least a day.  This particular stock is more flavorful than others; I think it is because of the brussel sprouts and the parsnips.  Mark bagged it up and got 18 cups.  We pack it into bags and freeze them for instant stock.

This is sitting in a very well used bowl.  (Can you see the chips?)  So without further ado, my ode to Veggie Stock!

Veggie Stock, my Veggie Stock…

Oh how I love thee!

You use up the things I would throw out

And cost me next to nothing.

You flavor my rice and soups

And make me feel gourmet.


Ok, so I’m not a poet.  But I do love my veggie stock!


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