Thinking Spring…..

It is 54 degrees on the Eastern Shore of MD today.  There is a light breeze and the sun is shining.  T and I went out this morning and bought lettuce seeds so I can plant in my box on the deck.

I need to clean out the box and add some more soil, but if it is time to plant lettuce that means the pool in the background will be opening soon.  (Ok.  Not soon.  Several more months.  But Spring means summer is right around the corner.)

Peeking into the pot next to my standing box, I noticed that my chives have re-seeded themselves.  I need to clean out the leaves that have collected there, but the first signs that I grow my own food are showing up.  In fact, Mark and I spent some time looking at the garden plot, talking about re-structuring the layout and adding more space.  My favorite local farm market opens back up next week and I’ll be able to buy herbs to plant in the deck boxes.  My mind is wandering towards warmer temperatures.

And my taste buds are already starting to move away from things like casseroles and soups.

I snacked on mango salsa today.  Mark cuts up corn tortillas and bakes them with salt for chips.  It was a wonderful snack and shows me the directions my food thoughts are going.

I’m excited about my first summer as a vegan.  We do a lot of entertaining when the weather is warm, and I’m excited for all the things I’ll be able to try.   In the summer we will be grilling, and making our own salsas.  I’ll be swimming, which is great for my inflamed RA joints, and will be out of school.

We will probably still have some cooler weather, and we have some wood stacked up inside just in case I get to have another fire this season.  But Spring is coming.  In about 40 days I’ll have some salad greens to harvest, and the farmers markets will soon have early spring foods for me to enjoy.

I love winter, but I think the warmer weather is going to make me very happy this year.


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