Happy PI day!

If you know me in real life, then it won’t surprise you to know we celebrated National PI day.  I was never a math geek growing up (Geek, yes.  Math geek, No.)  In fact, math and science scared me.  I wanted to be an entomologist until I realized it was science and not just cool bugs.  But I married a math/science guy (Yes you, Mr. Engineer) and while one of our children is artsy like me, the other is very much a math/science kid.  In fact we do own most of the Sir Cumference Series of books which are probably the funniest math concept books on the market.  But I digress…

We celebrated today by making Pizza!

That’s a little dayia (vegan mozzarella), some tomato, some marinated mushrooms, and some broccoli.  It was definitely the right way to celebrate!  I wish I could tell you I had 3.14159265 pieces but nope, it was 4!


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