Sometimes you need an old classic sandwich (veganized of course)

Yesterday morning everything seemed normal until I got in the shower, started throwing up, and couldn’t stop.  (Yep.  Isn’t that a fun image??)  So I had to call my Vice Principal at 7:30 in the morning (WAY too late to call in) and apologize for being late, and then call out.  I laid around all day and slept.  I didn’t throw up much more, but food was not appealing.  I managed to eat a little something in the afternoon but felt rough all day.  This morning I decided not to eat (which was a good call) and went in as there was a meeting I had to attend.  Around lunch I ate a Lara bar and kept it down, but it wasn’t until mid afternoon that I started feeling human again.  After school I had a snack of hummus and veggies while E was at a DI team meeting; She has a competition tomorrow so I had to take her to the meeting and pick her up.  By the time I got her home we all decided to forage for dinner.  The kids had their thing and Mark made his so I had to decide what I wanted.

As I looked through the fridge I saw the fake bacon I found on Wed. night when I was shopping for a snack for my book club.  Breakfast meat has been something I missed but up until now I only found vegetarian versions, not vegan ones.  Clearly it was a sign; I needed to have a blt.  Yep.  Some toasted white-wheat bread.  Some vegenaise.  Some sliced tomato (sprinkled with pink salt and freshly ground pepper).   Some mesculum mix.  Add some veggie booty as a side dish (no chips here – T is allergic to potatoes!)  and it was a classic sandwich just like I wanted.  To be honest I didn’t eat much of the veggie booty.  It just wasn’t appealing to me tonight.  But that sandwich is all gone.


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