Adjusting our taste buds and expectations…

Two posts in one day seems like a lot, doncha think?  The other post was actually begun yesterday, so I am putting two different thoughts down today in two different posts.

It all seemed so easy, when I decided to go vegan.  We’d eat lots of beans and rice and veggies and fruits, and we would be healthy and happy.  And while it wasn’t that easy, it was ok.  I had done a lot of vegan baking in the past and we enjoyed it so no problem….  And then T was diagnosed with lots of food sensitivities including wheat and everything went a little crazy.

So we’re still adjusting to what this means and trying out new things.  In the last two days I’ve tried 3 different recipes.  One we liked pretty well.  One we liked ok.  One we didn’t eat.  (Yes I tried it.  But I just couldn’t get myself to eat it.)

I am indebted to all the people who post recipes online, regardless of whether or not I like them.  I mean, could you imagine how I would be navigating this sea on my own?  I have some great cookbooks but the fact is that I get most of my advice and ideas from other bloggers.  Yesterday I saw a post about coconut bacon.  Who woulda thought?  Not me.  I’m not that creative, apparently!

So on to the recipes I’ve tried recently.

For breakfast yesterday I tried Ready Set Go Healthy’s Gluten Free Vegan Crepes. I replaced the apple juice concentrate called for with white grape and peach as T is allergic to apples.  I found that the griddle needed to be VERY hot and that 1/4 cup was about the right amount to use.  You wanted to get it very very thin for it to work best.  There is no added sweetener in these crepes so be aware of that when choosing a filling.  That said, we liked them quite a bit.  We put strawberry pie filling inside and topped with a little sugar.  Or my personal favorite, just some earth balance and some sugar.  (I grew up going to French speaking schools and have spent quite a bit of time in France.  My favorite crepe has always been just butter and sugar!)

I had a hard time getting them to roll up properly, but they were good!

Then in the afternoon I made a cake.  We added sprinkles at the kids’ request.  I did not have tapioca flour and I subbed out amaranth; I’m not sure if maybe that was a  bad sub.  The cake wasn’t bad, it just tasted “different”.  We ate it, but I’m still looking for one that tastes more like what I remember from before we went gf & vegan.  (The kids wanted purple icing but I think it is more gray!)

I think that’s the thing…. I want things to taste the same when that is not going to be the case.  They will still be good, just different.  And I’m needing to learn that AND get the kids used to that fact.


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