Sick Girl Waffles

The sad truth is that T gets sick pretty frequently.  We’re hoping that, with going gluten free and removing all the foods that testing said he had an intolerance to, he will eventually get better.  (We have seen reduction in many symptoms, but he still seems more prone to sickness then the rest of us and I’m on immuno-suppressant medication!)  But E?  E never gets sick.  Oh, she says she feels bad occasionally (and she is known to visit the nurse’s office but often that is for bloody noses!) but she is rarely really sick.  In fact she had, up until now, only missed one day of school this year due to sickness (and T’s numbers are in double digits).  Which is why, when she told me yesterday that she didn’t feel well, I didn’t really believe her.

Oh, I listened.  But she had no fever.  She looked good.  She didn’t throw up.  Everything looked fine.  So I kissed her and sent her to school.  Around 1:00 the school nurse called.  (Since I work at the same school she attends it is only a matter of dialing my extension.)  It was a sub nurse which was probably a good thing, because my friend the school nurse would have laughed at me!  “I have your daughter in the nurse’s office.  She has a fever of 101.3.”  Well, ok then…..  Mark was able to come get her.  He took one look at her and called the pediatrician.  By the time they got to the doctor her fever was 102.3.  It turns our she has an ear infection and swollen tonsils.  And soon after they returned home she threw up.  So, there you have it.  She is sick.

Mark stayed home with T last week so this week it is my turn.  I did my sub. plans (Oh how I hate sub plans!) and told E I would take care of her today.  We did have to take T to school which hurt her head, so she came home to lie down.  She said she wasn’t hungry when I mentioned breakfast and her temp was in the very low 100s so I let it ride.  45 minutes later she yelled for me and was 101.4, so some motrin was administered.    About 45 minutes later it had kicked in, because she was hungry and ready for “that breakfast you said you would make me.”  I volunteered to make pancakes but was quickly reminded that “your pancakes aren’t that good.  Daddy is the pancake maker.  Could you make waffles?”  So waffles it was.  Since T was not home I used regular flour.  Had these been for me I would have used more banana since I love my waffles chock full of banana, but E does not.  I used this recipe from The Vegan Version as my jumping off point.

Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Waffles


3 cups white wheat flour (I like Trader Joe’s but any good white wheat flour works)

1 tsp baking power

1/3 cup brown sugar

A couple of shakes of salt

2.5 cups of almond milk (Because it was what I had.  I would have used So Delicious Coconut if I had any.)

2 tsp. canola oil

2 bananas, mashed (I took mine out of the freezer and microwaved them until they were soft)

1/4 cup of vegan chocolate chips



In a large bowl mix the flour through the salt.  Add the milk, oil, and mashed banana.  Stir so that most the flour is incorporated.  Then add the chocolate chips.  (Feel free to add more.  My bag opened onto the floor spilling everywhere so 1/4 of a cup was all that was left!)  Mix until thoroughly combined but lumpy is ok.  At this point I turn on my waffle maker, because I like to let my batter sit for a few minutes.  (Not sure why, I just always do!)  Then proceed to make your waffles per your manufacturer’s recommendation.  E likes her waffles a little soft while I like mine harder, so I always make both kinds.

For a treat we do like ours with a little vegan chocolate sauce.  And since breakfast was actually served around 11:45, I called it brunch and went with it!  E had 2, much less than her normal amount.  Actually I only ate 2 and was full.  I do think I’d prefer more banana flavor so some sliced bananas on top would be nice, but these were easy to make, not so bad for you, and helped a sick girl feel a little better.


3 responses to this post.

  1. They sound great! Glad to be able to provid inspiration for your waffles!


  2. You definitely did! Thanks so much!!


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