Balancing Waste and Health with RA and Life

My life pre-RA was filled with “I CAN.”  Meaning, I figured I could do everything I set my mind to do no matter how difficult.  This is a pretty good philosophy, until it stops working.  Because when it’s the way you have always lived your life and suddenly it doesn’t work anymore, you can feel pretty lost.  How do you accomplish all that you want to accomplish when you feel pretty bad most of the time?

I know this is a common theme around here, but it’s one I go back to frequently.  I’m hoping I grow a little every time, and come closer to both acceptance and understanding.  This is what has been going around here in terms of balance.

See those yummy fresh veggies in that picture?  I had plans to use them when I bought them.  I really did.  But they didn’t all get used and, truth be told, the pineapple went bad.  Now, they are all living another life in my compost pile so it’s not quite as bad as it could be, but I feel so guilty when I throw out food.  Problem was, my hands hurt too much to cut them up before they went bad.  Not to mention the fact hat some nights I was too exhausted to cook or that kids’ activities took me out so late that there wasn’t time to cook.  Some of the red peppers got used to make a dip, and E ate some so they didn’t all get wasted, but I’d really prefer to be able to say I used them all to make healthy and tasty food for us.

On the plus side, I did get some mangoes cut up and in the freezer for smoothies.   So that was a win.  I guess I need to buy less at a time and use up what I have before it goes bad.  I am trying not to beat myself up too badly about it, though, since I could be simply feeding my family lunchables all the time.  At least I’m trying??  How do you balance life and cooking and any issues?


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