The Kumquats and Me

Tuesday of this week I went “over the bridge” to the doctor.  (That is delmarva speak for going over the bay bridge to leave the eastern shore.)  The appointment with my rheumo was a mixed bag, and I will post about it after I have thoroughly thought it through.  But after the appointment we did several exciting things.  First, we went to Fell’s Point to Liquid Earth where I had a vegan reuben and raspberry tea.  It was sloppy and runny and wonderful!  After lunch we headed towards Annapolis and the bay bridge for our drive home.  We stopped at Trader Joe’s where I always get excited because there are so many interesting things!  I got my normal staples (because I truly believe that any fruit or vegetable dipped in chocolate is a good thing!) but I can never resist looking around.

In the past I haven’t spent much time in the fruits and vegetable aisle because of the long drive home.  But the more I thought about it, the more stupid I realized that thought was.  A 2 hour drive isn’t going to hurt the produce, so I decided to peruse.  I got some pre-cooked beets, some zucchini, some fresh brussel sprouts, and some sweet onions.  And THEN I saw them.  The kumquats.

I’ve never had a kumquat.  I’m not even sure I’ve ever knowingly seen a kumquat.  But I know I’ve read references to them.  And frankly, they are REALLY cute.  The sign said “Eat the whole thing, skin and all.” I was intrigued.  So I bought a container and brought them home.

And then they sat on my counter for the rest of the week.  Because sometimes new things intimidate me.  A few of them got moldy so I started getting worried that if I didn’t get over this fear of new things then I was going to have wasted both my money and the opportunity to try these cute fruits!  So I did what any normal blogger would do, I googled “how to eat a kumquat.”  There were some pretty cool videos (one with a very nice jazz score) that basically all said “Wash it and eat it.  But be sure you chew.”  Because the skin is the part of the fruit that is sweet.  On first bite all you get is tart, but if you keep chewing the skin releases its oils and your mouth is flooded with sweetness.  It’s a little odd, but a really good taste.

Lately I’ve had a bit of an obsession with things like sweet tarts and sour patch kids; things that are both sweet and tart.  I feel like I have found the natural version of this, and it is the kumquat!  Mark had to go over the bridge today for a grad school thing so as soon as I finish writing this post I will be texting him.

“To the TJ’s list.  Add kumquats!”  LOL

It’s better for me than sour patch kids.  I’m just saying.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Mm, I love kumquats! Haven’t gotten them in forever…I might have to make TJs trip myself!


  2. No, it wasn’t pretty(the other post’s food shot), but I’ll bet that it tastes great.
    I am eating vegan…but haven’t had a kumquat in forever….yet I’m always looking for something new, so..


  3. Kumquats have been so much fun to eat! I can’t find them locally but I have enjoyed them this week. I’m trying to expand my fruits and vegetables. I plan to make my first trip to the farmer’s market this weekend and hope there are a few things to try!


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