Broccoli Loaf With Mushroom Gravy (and working on better prep)

Ok.  I know this is *not* a very photogenic loaf.  But don’t let its looks deceive you!  This is a rockin’ meal and one I’m pretty proud I was able to put together!  Give me a second and I’ll tell you all about it.

So, I have been cooking for the last few weeks, but not posting.  We’ve been working in the yard now that the weather is nice, and have had a few social engagements I had to cook for.  I’ve felt pretty good, but I admit to having been pushing myself.  And when I push myself, there usually isn’t a lot left over for blogging, so I apologize.  I actually invented a fabulous gluten free/vegan carrot and pineapple cake with vegan cream cheese icing but we enjoyed it so much that we ate it without any pictures!  I’ll be making it again and photographing it for you soon.

And now on to today…….

I know I need to find some ways to make my life a little easier but still produce healthy and good tasting food for us all.  So I decided I needed to go back to prepping food on Sundays like I used to do.  So I soaked, cooked, bagged, and froze three bags of dried beans.  Then I cooked 2 cups of brown rice for the week, and went through my fridge to take stock of what I had easily available.  In doing that I found a big bowl of steamed broccoli that I had, I admit, forgotten about.  Now, it is only a few days old so it was still good.  Though I have no recollection of why I steamed it and what I intended to do with it!  So I set out to find a recipe to use some of it and came across this amazing Broccoli Loaf!  I doubled the recipe, and left out the parsley using some fresh thyme instead since I had it.  I used dayia cheddar cheese and instead of pureeing the broccoli I pulsed it until it was kind of pulpy, for lack of a better explanation.  I used a penzey chicken seasoning (that has no chicken in it!) as my spice and did not put any paprika on top.  While this did not easily stay in loaf form, it tasted like the broccoli and cheddar cheese casserole of my youth had grown up.  It was wonderful!

While I was looking through the fridge I had also seen some sliced portabellos that needed using up so of course my first thought was “Mushroom gravy!”  I have attempted a few but this one was definitely my favorite so far.  I used more mushrooms then called for (and let them cook until they were more than soft) but otherwise left it as written.  It will be my go-to mushroom gravy recipe from now on.

Nope.  It’s still not pretty.  But it was tasty!  I hope you have a wonderful week!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Now I will NOT show my bf this picture, but I will make the loaf.
    Thanks. ~Mary


  2. I played with the recipe a little…added some soy sauce & garlic oil..and deleted something…it came out great. ~Mary


  3. So glad you liked it, Mary. It was not pretty, but it was tasty!


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