Loving all this summer produce!

Before RA my favorite season was winter.  There’s just something wonderful about cold and snow to me.  I love to snuggle in to my house and be quiet in the cold.  Actually, whenever I am doing guided imagery and am told to “go somewhere you feel safe and happy” I imagine a cabin in the woods in the snow.  I’m wrapped in a quilt, watching the big fat flakes fall, and I’m happy.

But with RA and cold comes sore achy joints that make me cranky.  So I’ve begun abandoning my dream of retiring to Alaska (a dream Mark has never shared with me!) and thinking about retiring somewhere warm in, oh, about 40 years.  I’m trying to focus on the wonderfulness that is summer like swimming and more light.  But the biggest treat: all the produce!

In yesterday’s post I included a bunch of photos from my garden including this one of the first yellow squash of the season.    I used it, a few days ago, to make a quick side salad.  This was simply a yellow squash, a red pepper, and some bottled balsamic vinaigrette.  Sometimes easy is so tasty.

Our garden isn’t producing much yet, but we’ve gotten 3 yellow squash so far and we have lots of fruit that needs to ripen on the squash plants, the tomato plants, and the cucumber plants.

Luckily I have friends who want to share their produce.  One of my fellow teachers texted me yesterday, saying that her garden was producing more than she could use and asking if I wanted to come pick.  So I ventured over with a colander and a mesh bag.

It rained just a bit while I was picking green beans, but it was worth it.

While listening to Billy Bragg croon to me in his great accent I cleaned the beans and got the squash ready to be baked.  I also made some minted pea soup for the recipe testing I’m doing for Allyson at Manifest Vegan‘s upcoming vegan/gf cookbook.  While the produce didn’t come from anywhere local, the mint I needed for this green pea and mint soup came from the herb garden right outside my kitchen door.

It all combined to be a really wonderful dinner.  The green beans were boiled for about 3 minutes and then topped with some vegan butter, salt, and pepper.  The squash was chopped, topped with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, and baked at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.  E kept snitching more squash when she thought I wasn’t looking.  (Like I would have been upset!)  She actually asked if she could not eat her meat (the rest of my family being omnivores do sometimes eat meat) and eat more squash.  Of course, honey!

You can’t see my soup, but the other addition to this meal is a veggie burger I made from this recipe at JL goes vegan.  I used canned beans which lacked some of the flavor of her beans home cooked with onion and garlic, but this turned out pretty well.  I froze the other 5 burgers and plan on grilling them up in the next few weeks.  E and I ended our meal with some watermelon.  I know it’s early and that it was not local, but it was pretty good.  Delmarva is known for its watermelons so I am very excited for when the local melons come in!

While I might still long for snow covered mountain peaks and cozy cabins, I am truly enjoying all this produce.  And it’s only June so it will only get better!


3 responses to this post.

  1. The produce looks amazing! The color of the beans and squash is so vibrant! How fun to be testing for Alyson! (mint and peas? YUM)

    I’m glad you tried the chickpea burgers!


  2. Thanks JL! My photos are getting a tiny bit better (though they are not yet good!) but I was thrilled with how good the produce looked!


  3. […] wanted to use up the yellow squash I got from my friend’s garden on Sunday for dinner.  I ended making a beans and rice dish […]


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