Summer Day with Pizza

So Saturday was the first day of summer vacation because it was the day after school ended.  But today, today was really the first day since theoretically I would have been at work.  I slept until 7:30 which was bliss, and then plotted how I wanted to spend my day.

There are two kids, the children of dear friends, who spend a lot of time with us in the summer.  The plan was, much to the chagrin of the oldest one, that I would pick them up at 10.  (She wanted to sleep until 10!)  I started texting with her around 8:30 saying things like “I think we’re going to go hiking.  So wear tennis shoes.”  Right before I left the house to get them I came across this article about how being in the woods can improve mental and physical health so I was feeling pretty good about the hiking thing!

T was concerned because he supposedly remembers a time years and years ago (like two) when we may have, possibly, gotten lost in Pemberton Park while hiking.  Now, I contend that we didn’t *really* get lost since we’re here now, aren’t we??  He doesn’t buy that and was convinced we were going to be meandering through the park for hours, lost and without cell reception.  I actually think this was just his way of trying to get out of hiking but, being the strong mom that I am, it did not work!  We walked for about an hour on the Bell Island Trail and saw a turtle and lots of dragonflies.

We came home from hiking and did normal summer stuff like swimming in the pool, going to the library, and running to the grocery store since we were out of brown rice flour.  (Isn’t that normal??)  It was a lovely summer day.

After the girls went home I made some chocolate chocolate chip muffins for Allyson’s recipe testing.  I think I need remedial food photography lessons, but these were wonderful!  In fact T said, immediately upon tasting one, “I love this woman!”  I have said it before but I’ll say it again, this cookbook is going to be amazing.

Since the oven was already on, dinner was pizza.  We have to be out and about tomorrow and I want to take lunch along.  I figured leftover pizza was one of the best options.  Plus I’d been craving hummus pizza since I saw Dairy Free Betty’s Pizza Party Post.  Once again, my pictures are not as pretty as hers, but this pizza was fabulous.

This was made using my traditional wheat pizza crust.  I topped it with purchased hummus, sun dried tomatoes, yellow squash (leftovers from yesterday), red pepper, and marinated artichoke hearts.  I meant to put onion on top but, to be honest, I started talking to a friend on the phone and forgot.    I really enjoyed it, and can’t wait to eat it cold tomorrow!


Summer Goals Update:

I haven’t had any soda since the summer began.  Good, but only 3 days so tough to be thrilled about it.  I have blogged twice and therefore been cooking more, and I worked on my mosaic mirror project today.  So far so good.  I intend to try and love every minute of my summer!


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  1. Awesome love it! Thanks for the shout out!!


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