Summer Pantry Challenge!

Like the purple pen?  And yes, I definitely doodle in class!

I’ve survived the first three days of my seven day reading class.  It’s been quite informative, and is filled with interesting people so it’s not been too bad.  I’d rather not be sitting in a class all day, but this is one of those situations where I have to keep my eye on the prize which is the fixing of my teaching certification.  I’ve had a nice long lunch every day where I’ve generally gone walking in the park so really, it’s been pretty nice.  And since I’ll be done next week I’ll have the rest of my summer to enjoy!

One of the things that can often make a summer enjoyable is, of course, vacation!  Financially we thought it wasn’t going to happen this year but some things aligned and it looks like we will take the kids on a mini trip in the middle of July.  We have a family event to attend and so will spend two days in NJ and then two days in NYC.  The kids are really excited especially as T asked earlier this year “Am I ever going to go to Disney or New York City?  Ever?  Like, in this millennium??”  (As you can see we are horrible parents because we have never taken our children to Disney or NYC.  Luckily we will remedy this situation, at least halfway, this summer and can perhaps get our “cool parents” status back.)

The reality is, though, that it will be expensive.  We are going to do things generally on the cheap, but we will need more money then typical for daily expenses while we are away.  So we sat the kids down and explained it pretty easily: If we want to go to NY and have a good time then we’re going to need to be more frugal then normal until then.  Put at its basest level, we’re not going to eat out between now and when we leave, and we’re not going to do a lot of grocery shopping but instead rely on what we already have.

This might sound tough, until you realize that I have two (!) pantries, two (!) refrigerators, and three (!) freezers when you count the one chest freezer and then two freezers on the fridges.

  Pantry number one desperately needs to be organized!

Basically we have plenty of food though very little of it is already prepared.  So I’m going to spend the next month in a pantry challenge, cooking with what I already have.  I will buy a few fruits and vegetables, and possibly some gluten free products if I run out.  Some of my combinations might be interesting, but I intend to feed my family well with what I already have.

As a caveat, I am known for saying “We have PLENTY of food – we can last for two months” and then, a week or so into it, saying “Man!  We need to go grocery shopping!”  So Mark is expecting a repeat of normal here.  I intend to prove him wrong and truly cook mainly from this until we leave.  Let’s see if I can make it!


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