Summer Goals Revisited

Tomorrow it will be three weeks since I posted my summer goals so the question is:

How am I doing?

The answer is, as are most things in my life, complicated.  (I prefer the term “never boring” to describe my life, but you get the idea.)

Let’s look one by one.

Drink 3 or less sodas a week:  This one is going great.  I had no soda the first week, and one soda each in weeks 2 and 3.

Post 4 times a week:  Not hitting this one though I am posting more then I was during the school year.  And I am definitely cooking more, which was the intended result for this goal.

Weed twice a week:  Not going well.  BUT my garden is doing great and I have weeded it 3 times so far this summer (which is *ahem* 3 times more then I weeded it all of last summer!).

Can at least 3 times this summer:  No canning yet, but I’m not worried about this one as it will happen.

Finish at least 3 mosaic projects this summer:  Nope.  Problem is that working on my mosaics *really* hurts my hands and then requires me to take a few days of lower activity.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about my junk food confessional post where I talked about the term “Overall.”  I’m striving for balance, not perfection.  So I’ve been trying to take my thinking away from the quantifiable and measurable way my special ed. brain works during the school year and embrace a slightly more holistic view.

That made me ask myself the question “What was my intended result from making goals?”

Well, the answer is to help me have a happier and healthier summer where I feel like I am accomplishing things.  Sometimes having RA makes me feel as if I am watching life going by instead of living it to the fullest and I decided that this summer I was going to fight against that.  So that begs the question “Am I doing that?”

The answer to that one is much less complicated because it is a resounding “YES!”

  I’ve been to a least 5 parks, the zoo, and the beach with the kids.  I’ve packed multiple picnics and cooked lots of healthy food.  I’ve laughed like crazy and spent really wonderful time with family and friends.  The bottom line is that I’m accomplishing what I set out to accomplish so far this summer.  Perhaps my structured way of looking at it a few weeks ago isn’t the healthiest way to go about it.

I’m going to continue to try and drink less soda.  For this one giving myself a number has helped.  But beyond that, I’m going to strive for a healthy active fun filled summer where I acknowledge my auto-immune disorder but don’t let it define me.

That’s pretty much the life I strive for too.  I hope everyone is having a great active healthy summer (or winter if you are in the other hemisphere!)  full of fruits and vegetables, laughter, friends, and family.  And if you do any canning or mosaic projects, I’d like to see them!



5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by stefanie on July 2, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    Good for you for letting go off your list. It is easier to stick with something if it does not feel like a chore. I hope you continue to have a great summer.


  2. Thanks Stefanie! I have just now returned home from the beach, so the summer definitely continues to be good. 🙂


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