Gluten Free Goodness with Vegan Options

If you’ve been reading me this summer you have probably figured out that when we have an appointment out of the area I try to tack on some kind of a side trip.  Whether it be to a park or to a health food store; I like to explore.

Today I had a rheumatologist appointment in Baltimore.  We had originally planned on packing a picnic and doing a Park Quest after the appointment, but we have done so much the last few days that we were exhausted.  We got home from our 4th of July festivities around 10:30 pm and all collapsed into beds, only to have to get up at 6 and get ready to hit the road this morning.  So we decided to bag hiking today and instead I did some internet searching for a lunch place.

Now, if I were the only consideration we would have most definitely gone to The land of Kush.  In fact we passed it and it was all I could do to not jump from the car screaming “Give me vegan mac & cheese and collard greens!!”  I suggested that they leave me there at which point T commented that “we’re only in Baltimore for *your* doctor’s appointment, mom” so I had to act like the adult and simmer down.

The appointment went well and my doctor was really impressed that I am losing weight while on prednisone.  Now, granted, the summer is the time of the year when I have the least stress but we talked about some measures to help should I flare when the school year starts back up.  I’m going to go to an OT since I am having some trouble getting my fingers to lie flat and she thinks I might be developing carpal tunnel as well.  Let’s just say my life is never boring!

So after the appointment I put the address I had found into the gps.  I hadn’t told T where we were going in case we couldn’t find it or there were issues.  Since we’re not used to city parking it did take us a little while to find a place, and then we accidentally walked into the next door restaurant that is only open for dinner.  But we were able to work through these little pitfalls and found ourselves in the very cozy (and wonderful smelling!) Sweet Sin Bakery and Cafe.  This is a completely gluten free bakery and cafe and T was beyond thrilled to be able to walk in and eat anything he wanted!

The menu is heavily Indian influenced and there weren’t a *ton* of vegan options but there were some.  There are signs up about how they want you to ask about their food if you have specific dietary concerns and they were very happy to talk to me about which items were vegan.

I ordered the vegetable pizza without cheese.  They do have a dairy free cheese option but I chose to go without instead.

 The sauce is a little spicy and not a traditional red sauce but this pizza was GOOD.  The amount of veggies was impressive, and the price was just about $10 for a huge pizza.

I think I liked the crust better when it was warm, but this was still a really good cold dinner.

The highlight of this, for T, was the cupcake.  They had many different types to choose from for gluten-free patrons, but only one vegan type.  (If you do eat eggs there were many you could have eaten that were dairy free and casein free and soy free.)  I wasn’t upset because I’ll take a chocolate cupcake any day.

Yes that picture was taken on my knee and yes, I did eat this entire thing with my hands while Mark drove us through the city.  But it was that good, so it was ok.  I will admit that I dropped a huge plop of frosting on my shirt and was very glad I had seen my doctor *before* we ate because I didn’t want to have to explain that one!



2 responses to this post.

  1. You would NOT Have to twist my arm to go anywhere called “Sweet Sin” – I would be there, menu open, ready to order one of everything. 🙂

    I’m really interested in following along with your vegan journey because my mom was diagnosed with RA a few years back. She also has multiple sclerosis – has had it for over 20 years. I’ve read a lot about how diet and Vitamin D are the ONLY things that truly help both illnesses, but I have a hard time getting through to her. I think she’s afraid to try anything new because she is still able to do everything on her own, even after having the disease for so long. No wheel chair, no cane – her balance is off and her knees plague her daily, but she really is blessed. But having the new diagnosis of RA was not something she was expecting. So, I can’t wait to hear about how it helps you – in any way, shape, or form! 🙂


  2. Lindsay, I’ll meet you in Baltimore and we can inhale the smells of all of that cupcake goodness! 🙂

    Your mom sounds like an incredible lady to be able to keep going so well even with her diagnosis. (How do you pluralize that word??) “Food as medicine” is a tricky topic and there are lots of very intense feelings that surround it. I was concerned my rheumo would be very against the fact that I went vegan but since I am using it “on top of” traditional therapy she is good with it. In fact she is ecstatic that I am losing weight, that my blood pressure is going down, and that I am less swollen. But since you can’t do double blind studies on food it is very difficult to pinpoint whether results are coming from the food or from something else (like the meds). Some of it for me could simply be that I have control over the food when I don’t feel like I have control over the illness so that might give me a sense of calm. But it also makes me “feel better” which is not symptom specific but more of an overall feeling.

    It’s all a journey and I am trying to learn more and more about it. Have you checked out Aunt Inflammation? Her fb page has some great info on diet and inflammation especially arthritis.

    I am honored that you are reading along on this journey! When I started this it was just for me, and it’s amazing that people want to read. 🙂


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