OC Kabobs or A Vegan Friendly Place in Salisbury!!

I had already begun prepping dinner when Mark and T got home with friends from the movies yesterday afternoon.  We all sat in my living room and talked.  Eventually the conversation turned to dinner and how everyone wanted to go out; everyone but me.  After all, I had already started prepping and had the mix for beanballs sitting in the fridge.  As it is a recipe for cookbook testing for Allyson’s book, I know it will be good.  Can I admit to an excuse here?  My hands really were hurting, and everyone else wanted to go out, and I figured that since the mix was chilling anyway, it could chill overnight.  But still I waffled…

A few weeks ago, when my brother and his family were visiting, I sat on the beach looking at the book of menus their hotel provided.  I was looking for a place that was both vegan friendly and gluten-free friendly.  In the end we decided not to eat out in Ocean City that day, but one restaurant caught my eye:  OC Kabob.  The menu actually says “vegetarian friendly” which is a good sign.  But also, I knew that they had recently opened a restaurant in Salisbury.

So fast forward to yesterday.  My friends could tell I was on the edge of saying yes to going out.  So, to sway me, K looked me in the eye and said “OC Kabob?”  At that point, I was swayed.

The place is small, and is only open for dinner starting at 4 pm.  But it was clean and very attractively decorated.  We were seated at a long table by the window; Nice that they could easily accommodate 8.

We were brought out this cute mortar and pestle with chickpeas and spices.  We ground it at the table and it was a very good appetizer.  (To be truthful, I’m not sure what it was called?  Chickpea goodness?)

We ordered the large hummus as an appetizer.  As you can tell, we devoured it before I even thought to get a picture.  The pita was soft and appeared to be homemade, and C and I almost arm-wrestled for the last of the hummus.  (Not really, but it was good!)

For dinner I had the veggie kabobs with couscous and pita, though there were multiple choices on the menu.  I did ask for the tahini sauce instead of the yogurt sauce it was served with.  The couscous was perfectly seasoned and I didn’t leave much.  

It’s definitely a place we will go back to.  There were good choices, plus it is close enough to my house that we could use it for take-out.  Next I want to try their falafel….


3 responses to this post.

  1. Ohoh! Did you happen to ask them all of what was vegan? I might go to the Salisbury one Wednesday.
    I don’t do dairy, eggs or honey, so yeah, I’m usually one of those “annoying people” asking a ton of questions when i go to a restaurant. xD


    • At the time I ate there I asked and they told me what was vegan and what was not. (Sorry that I can’t remember all the details!) So I’d ask. But it was quite good. Are you in Salisbury??


  2. […] got some places that try.  OC Kabob is a good choice with their stellar hummus.  I can get veggie sushi in town and when I want a […]


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