2 weeks of smoothies for breakfast!

As I talked about last post, I am trying to achieve this difficult thing called “balance.”  I’m trying to take care of myself *and* those around me.  By breaking it down into little bits I am able to take some small steps in the right direction.

I’m doing the 30 miles in 30 days challenge with Dairy Free Betty.  Nothing monumental maybe, but adding extra activity for stress relief is a good thing for me.  Today is day 7 of the challenge and I’ve gone 5 miles.  I’m not burning up the miles or wearing out my sneakers, but I’m helping myself feel better.

And because I like a good challenge, I’ve decided to join the 14 Day Green Breakfast Challenge.  (Yes the link has an older date.  The current challenge starts tomorrow, August 1st.)

I’m not a stranger to smoothies in general or green smoothies in particular.

I love a good smoothie.  But I’m not consistent.  Not in the least.  I have a green smoothie one day and then don’t eat breakfast for two weeks.  So this really is about me sticking to a plan where I eat breakfast EVERY DAY.

I’m going to force myself to try different things.  The link to the challenge lists lots of different vegetables that are green that can be added to smoothies.  I’m definitely good with spinach as that is what I usually buy for smoothies.  But what about on those days when I’m out?  I can’t just ignore the challenge!  So I know I will be trying some of the herbs growing in my garden.  The list suggested seaweed, which I do have.  I guess if I get desperate I could drain one of the cans of green beans leftover from last Thanksgiving.

And what else do I put in my smoothie?


Unfortunately all the frozen mango is gone, as are all the strawberries.  I do have a few blueberries plus bananas and watermelon in my freezer.  Right now I have fresh local peaches and melon, plus a few apples and oranges.  At some point during the challenge those 2 containers of blueberry applesauce that have been sitting in my pantry forever are going into a smoothie, though!

I figure two weeks will get me used to eating breakfast again.  At that point it will be getting close to the time when I go back to work so I’m hoping to have transitioned to eating breakfast every day, though I might not necessarily have a smoothie.  Those overnight oats were really good and filling, so that will probably make an appearance on my breakfast menu again once school starts.

Anyone interested in joining me?  Even if its just once, I’d love to hear what smoothies you come up with!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Mango hmm……

    I just started doing green smoothies a week ago, and I’m in looooooove.

    I’ve been mostly doing berries, 1/2 banana, spinach and Green Vibrance.

    Tomorrow I’m going to try vanilla almond milk, banana and peanut butter for my husband. If that turns out good, then I’ll probably do it with protein powder for myself.

    I also have two containers of blueberry applesauce waiting to be used, I haven’t a clue why I didn’t think of using them!


    • Thanks Izzy! I’m excited about having 2 weeks of “definitely going to eat a smoothie.” Banana, almond milk, and almond butter is a favorite of mine so I’m sure one with peanut butter would be great. I haven’t gotten any protein powders. Not sure if I want to move to that or not though I know a lot of people use them. And I HIGHLY recommend some frozen mango in your smoothie. YUM.


  2. […]  I was a little nervous, but not so nervous that I neglected breakfast.  As I talked about a few weeks ago, I’m not good at remembering to eat first thing in the morning.  One of my facebook friends […]


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