Walking Through DC in the Rain

My friend M is visiting from Oklahoma.  (For those of you who don’t know, we lived in OK for 5 years when Mark was stationed there in the military.)  Now M has never been east of Arkansas so coming here has been a big deal.  We have taken her to the Atlantic Ocean of course!  But we felt like she couldn’t have come all this way without going to Washington DC.

It’s about a 2 hour drive to the Baltimore/DC area from Delmarva depending on traffic and where, exactly, you are going.  After slamming down my green smoothie we got on the road about 7:30. We decided to go to the first metro station we hit, New Carrollton, and catch the metro into the city.  Lots of touristy things were done including spending time at the United States Botanic Gardens and visiting monuments.

After being major tourists we ventured off the National Mall in search of food.  I had printed off a list of vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in DC.  We took off walking through the GW campus which is part of DC as there were lots of places mentioned.  Unfortunately one thing not mentioned on the list is that a lot of those places are closed on the weekends and that when school is out even less is open.  In the midst of this discovery we got caught in a torrential downpour.  We could actually look down the street and see the rain coming at us!  We spent some time under an awning in front of a GW dorm and talked to a woman riding a Bike Share Bike to a play.  Eventually we decided to brave the rain and walk towards the Foggy Bottom metro.  We were aiming for a restaurant the woman on the bike had mentioned but didn’t quite get there.

We ended up at Roti for a wonderful Mediterranean meal.

This is my customized Mediterranean plate: falafel with tahini sauce, hummus, rice, carrot and cabbage slaw, and tomato and onion salad.  Yum.  I was going to get the roasted vegetables instead of the falafel but decided I needed the protein.  M had never heard of falafel but enjoyed it when she tried it though she couldn’t remember the name!

After lunch we took the metro to Union Station where we walked and shopped and did some amazing people watching.  Mark bought me a beautiful necklace as a “welcome to a new job” present because he’s wonderful!  All in all we walked over 5 miles.  While I was tired at the end I felt ok.

Today, the next day, it hit me that I had really been pushing myself.  I’m still working on learning the point at which I can push myself and still be ok as well as the point at which it is just too far.  I think the problem is that as long as I feel ok I don’t just stay there, I push it more.  I’m working on it but have not found that happy medium (or balance – wow I talk about that a lot!).

Tomorrow I am driving M to Baltimore to the airport.  I wish I didn’t have to do the drive as it may push me even further into a flare.  But the truth is that I don’t regret any of the time we have spent together these last few days.  Life is for living.  I don’t want RA to win if I can help it.  I just need to try and remember to take more breaks.  Or sleep more.  Or something.

How do you balance this?  Do you ever find yourself pushing it too far and then not feeling well?


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  1. Posted by Sharon on August 14, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    Hi Jen, I recently discovered Roti myself. I love it! I’m glad you had a good trip into DC. I think you are right on, RA should not come in between you and your life but you need to find the balance…. maybe taking a few more breaks is the key. I do also push myself to far and then pay for it later. Slow and steady wins the race I guess. But it’s hard to move slow these days 🙂


  2. Thanks Sharon! It certainly is difficult to find the correct balance. Moving slowly means letting certain things not get done the way I want them done, and that’s tough for me. I’ll need to keep working on this I know!


  3. […] because while both part of the Atlantic Ocean they are *very* different experiences.  We went to DC  […]


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