The End of a Visit Plus Vegan and GF in Annapolis

The wonderful 5 days with my friend M have come to an end.  I’m sad, but it was such a fabulous trip.  We took her to both Assateague National Seashore

and Ocean City, MD

because while both part of the Atlantic Ocean they are *very* different experiences.  We went to DC 

and I introduced her to the world of green smoothies

But today I needed to take her to Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) to catch her flight home.

 (I love this stained glass crab at BWI!)

It was sad for me because it has been 5 years since I last saw her and who knows how long it will be until we see each other again.  But it is one of those friendships where no matter how long it has been since we’ve been in the same room we connect as if it was yesterday.  How lucky I am to have people like this in my life!  (I must admit that I have multiple friends like this.  I am truly blessed.)  It was tough to leave her there but I know we will be together again soon.

Since it is a 2 hour trip I took “all the kids” (mine and the 2 who hang out with me in the summer) along and promised them something fun.

What says fun like a trip to the National Electronics Museum??

Hey!  It’s close to the airport and it was cheap!  ($1 a student pre-k to PhD and $3 an adult)  When the mom (and driver) are in an RA flare and you’re looking for “fun” you take what you can easily get.

Actually we really enjoyed the museum.  The infrared camera was cool

 and the exhibits were hands-on.  It’s worth it if you’re interested in science or have kids who are.

I had told them that if I was feeling up to it we were going to try a restaurant I found in Annapolis and if I wasn’t feeling up to it that we were going to hit Taco Bell on the way home.  While T was holding out for Taco Bell (He desperately wants to order a “Taco 12 pack” simply because he thinks it sounds cool to order that many tacos!) the rest of us were hoping for Annapolis.

As I usually do I had been online looking up restaurants before this trip.  The museum was in Linthicum so I started there but didn’t find anything.  So I looked at a map and started looking up all the towns I would be driving through to get home.  Somewhat accidentally I happened upon the website for the b.b. Bistro in Annapolis.

What a find for breakfast and lunch!  This is a funky little place in an old house not far from the Naval Academy.  As we entered one of the chef/owners was coming in from the front garden with some freshly cut herbs.  When I said something about being vegan she turned around and talked to me about it, suggesting the soup of the day.  There was a sign on the cash register saying that gluten free bread is available for $1 more.  T was thrilled to be able to get a panini with gf bread!  You order your food and pay and then sit down and they bring it to you.

Most of my pictures didn’t turn out very well so I can’t show you exactly how cool this place is, but it’s full of mis-matched old tables and chairs.  They recycle everything they can and use locally produced products whenever possible.

I ordered the veggie sandwich without cheese which was hummus and vegetables on this amazing marble bread.  The bread was soft and it was extremely fresh tasting.  The hummus was mild and was a good soft contrast to the crunchy vegetables.  They were very accommodating to special requests as everything is made to order.  Some of the sandwiches came with this couscous and bean side and some came with fresh fruit.  When I asked to make sure the couscous was not made with chicken stock the woman who brought us our food was very willing to check for me.  The couscous was so-so.  Not bad but not very flavorful.

But this soup….this soup was amazing.  If the kids hadn’t been done and getting just a little restless I would have gone up and ordered more soup.  A bowl this time.

If you follow me on facebook you know that I have recently developed a love of fresh eggplant, something I had never been that crazy about before.  This soup with chickpeas and eggplant in a tomato broth took that love to a new level.  Wow.

It was a fabulous meal before I had to start the drive back home.  I didn’t explore the desserts so I don’t know if there were any vegan or gluten free options there.  Next time I intend to find out.

I arrived home safe and sound and promptly fell asleep for a few hours.  (Once Mark came home and I knew the kids were with an adult.)  I’m tired and I’m sore and a little swollen, but I am so glad to have had both the amazing time with M and the time with the kids.

To quote Danny Kaye:

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.”


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