The craziest thing I’ve ever done (with avocado)

The craziest thing I’ve ever done was in college and…. Oh!  Sorry!  That’s not what I meant!  lol

No, what I meant were the looks I got from the kids when they saw me smushing avocado into an ice cube tray makes this the craziest thing I’ve done in a long time.  Definitely the craziest thing I’ve done with an avocado.

I’m trying to eat more whole unprocessed foods.  I’ve made the transition to a plant based diet and that is helping me.  But now it’s time to transition away from packaged and processed foods.  I’ve given up diet sodas and am trying to back away from foods that come in foil packages (think bars and candy).

But I still have an auto-immune disorder and I still sometimes have to rely on convenience foods.  So I guess I need to make some of my own whole foods convenience foods!

Basically, I took 3 avocados that were getting pretty soft.  I peeled them and smushed them (that’s the technical cooking term) into an ice cube tray.

And then I froze them.  Pretty simple.  But it kept them from going bad on my counter!

A few hours later I popped those bad boys out of the ice cube tray into a dish.

and then put the cubes into a freezer safe bag.

Voila!  Avocado ice cubes to drop into smoothies!    I dropped a few into this smoothie tonight and it added creaminess, some fat, and it was on the list of “green foods to add to smoothies” from the 14 day green breakfast challenge I finished on the 14th.  Now all I have to do is grab a few cubes in the morning.  Cool.  I wonder what else I can smush into ice cube trays and freeze??


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Emily (pickles...) on August 16, 2011 at 11:07 PM

    You’re clearly a genius 😉


  2. Thanks ladies! It was one of those things that just came to me. 🙂


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