What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) – The last week of summer vacation!

I’ve been reading Living Lindsay’s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) posts for the last few weeks and enjoying the glimpse into her life and food.  Which led me to Peas and Crayons, the creator and host of WIAW.  Well, I laughed until I cried reading through her blog and then linked to all sorts of other blogs posting a whole day’s worth of food and really enjoyed reading them.  So I thought “Well, I’ll do that next week.”  But then it occurred to me that this is the last week of summer vacation so what I eat on a summer day may or may not look very different from what I eat on a work day.  Since I had only eaten one thing so far (and I had a picture of it already) I decided to jump to it and photograph the entire day.  This way I can compare once school starts back next week.

Should I admit to sleeping in this morning?  I’d like to have slept longer since I don’t have much time left to sleep in, but I woke up around 7:45.  Didn’t pull myself out of bed until around 8:30.  Sat on the first floor in front of my laptop for a bit while the kids were on the third floor watching tv.  It was calm.

I ended up eating the last of the  slaw leftover from Sunday afternoon.  It was a little mushy but hey, I was hungry and nothing else looked good.  Then I went back to my laptop (which is when I spent time looking through what other people had eaten!).  When I decided I wanted to document my food I thought I might as well get something else to eat for breakfast!

  Yum.  Toast with peanut butter.  After eating one slice I decided I definitely needed a drink so I brought out my big girl water cup!

The rest of the morning was spent at the library and generally doing things.  I picked up 2 more kids along the way so by lunchtime it was me and 4 children.  It was no longer calm.  I made a pot of Vegan Broccoli and Cheese soup for my recipe testing for Allyson at Manifest Vegan’s Cookbook.  One of the “extra kids” (those who are not mine but are here a lot) is allergic to dairy and soy so I have to make sure whatever I make doesn’t use soy when she’s here.

T wasn’t so thrilled with the soup but he doesn’t like broccoli.  The rest of us enjoyed it.  To be truthful I loved it and ate this bowl and about half another.  Yum

The kids played and sang karaoke for the afternoon while I worked on a few things, fielding the phone call from the library that T has won a gift card in the summer reading program drawing.  He was thrilled. I did have a *little* snack.    Well, yes the piece was as big as the plate but fresh watermelon is only in season so long!  It was good!

All 4 kids were dropped off at different places (the 2 extra with their dad and mine with their grandparents for the evening) and I came home to hang out.  On Wednesday nights I don’t typically fix an actual dinner since the kids are gone.

I mostly just did low-key things and then decided, abruptly, that I was hungry.  Often I just have snack dinners on Wednesdays so I decided on some  gluten free and vegan pretzels.  But tonight that didn’t keep me so I went looking for something more.  After rooting around in the cabinets a bit I happened upon I think I bought this to take to work in case I forgot my lunch but I figured “Why not?” and cooked it.  While it was cooking and cooling I took some things out to the compost bin.  (If you follow me on facebook you know I had a horrible burned broccoli incident at my house today.  To try to combat the smell I boiled some cut up limes in water.  So I was taking the pans of limes and water to compost.)  While I was out there the garden caught my eye.  Really the cherry tomatoes are just a buffet for me.  I had a few.

Once back inside I had actual dinner.  The bulghur stuff, a cut up cucumber (locally grown) and a dollop of soy sour cream.  It was all pretty good.

Afterwards I wanted something sweet so I decided on a small dish of mango Italian ice.  Yum.    While I was eating this Mark air popped some popcorn so…. plain with just some salt.  I did drink more today then is indicated, but it was always water.  I’ll have to take my nighttime pills here in a bit and will take that with some water but that should be the extent of my food for the day.

It will be interesting to me to compare a day home with a day at work next week.  I think I’m going to need to work on eating more during the day so I don’t feel the need to eat so much at night though I’m not unhappy with any of the choices I made.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve been clearing out my pantry and eating up all the “oh thats convenient” health foods latey — i would LOVE that dish! =)

    I’m so happy you found me! and participated in the partay!!!! hope you had a wonderful WIAW and i cant wait to see the eats comparison!!! love doing that with my own to see what the differences are! ❤



  2. Hi Jen! I’m also testing for Allyson’s xgfx book – crazy coincidence, huh? I am totally with you on eating a plate-sized watermelon when it’s in season. In fact, when I made watermelon sherbet a couple of days ago I was only able to use half of the watermelon . . . I ended up eating the other half for breakfast the next day! Also, question about the xgfx pretzels – are those by Glutino, or are they a different brand? I rarely buy the Glutino one’s because they are so ridiculously expensive. I guess I should just make my own – it probably isn’t that difficult. 😉

    Oh yeah, and welcome to wiaw!


    • I had more watermelon for breakfast! It’s one of my very favorites and the time when it is good is so limited!! (It’s one of the things I craved when I was pregnant with my son!)


  3. Meant to say “eating a plate-sized *piece* of watermelon”


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