A new normal

Ironically I happened upon this post from Living Lindsay sometime last week where she talks about The “New Normal” after the loss of her dog.

It was odd to not put Nikita out in the middle of the night (did I mention she was a tad bit spoiled??) or to have her waiting for me this morning.  When I took the kids out of the house it was odd to walk by her open crate.  And while making lunch for the kids when something fell on the floor my first thought was “Nikita will eat it!”  Which, of course, is not true.

We enter into the new normal life.

I want to thank everyone for their incredible outpouring of love, empathy, and concern.  When I started this blog it was, selfishly, for me.  It was so I had a place to express what was going on with RA and being vegan.  It was so I could discuss food and pain and things that I figured those closest to me didn’t need to hear as constantly as I needed to talk about.  And when I started this blog there were 3 people reading it; All people who were forced to listen to me discuss these topics out loud as well.  While my blog is still very small I am now part of a community.  Several communities to be exact.  Ones that intersect and connect in different ways.  And I am definitely better for being connected this way.  I am honored and humbled that so many people would take the time to care about the passing of my sweet snow dog.  Thank you.  Thank you for being a part of the new normal.

So even without Nikita we need to go on.  And today is officially the last weekday of my summer vacation.  So I took the kids bowling.

T wasn’t thrilled about me taking pictures but he had fun.  I don’t bowl anymore because it hurts my hands too much.  But I enjoyed watching the kids.  I had a .  They are accidentally vegan.  Yes it’s junk food but…I could give you excuses but I won’t.  I ate it at the bowling alley and I enjoyed it.

Last night after being so upset (and so much crying) I was more swollen then I’ve been in years.  My right knee was swollen and typically my knees are not involved.  So I knew then that if I didn’t take care of myself I was going to flare badly.

Tonight I’m getting my hair cut.  Something funkier then it is right now so I can walk into my new school on Monday feeling ready to start a new chapter.  There’s a lot of new normal going on here.

Thanks for the support, the ideas, and the empathy.

Tomorrow we are going on a family kayaking trip.  I’ll fill you in on it when we get home.  Sunday will be pretty low-key to get ready for Monday.

The new normal is a little scary but I will do my best to enjoy it, remembering all the wonderful things that have already happened.

I will keep trying to balance me, my family, my friends, my job, and RA.  Thanks for being along for the journey.


2 responses to this post.

  1. What a beautiful face. I am soooo very sorry to hear of your loss. I have two fur babies that I would miss terribly. They become a part of our family and I know it must be breaking your heart right now (((HUGS))).


    • Thank you so much Deb! It has been very difficult but I am trying to take solace in the fact that she is no longer in pain. It’s amazing how important our pets are in our lives.


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