Vegan Lunchboxes for Adults – Blog Challenge

School is either back in session or ready to return in many parts of the US and the web is aflame with fabulous articles about packing healthy lunches.

The Healthy Happy Life has done quite a few articles on the subject and is one of the places I go when thinking about packing lunch.

Mama Pea is even hosting a discussion on how to start the school year right on Monday 8/22 at 9 am PST/12 noon EST.  (I am sad to say I’ll already be back at work and not able to participate in this one!)

But for the most part these articles are specifically geared to packing lunch for kids. Now, I have 2 kids going back to school and I am concerned about packing healthy lunches for them.    But I’m going to be selfish for a minute.  Because I am actually pretty good at packing healthy lunches they will eat.  What I’m not good at is packing a healthy lunch for me.  Because I put them first most of the time and make sure they are taken care of, and then I forget about me.  And I wish I could tell you that there are lots of healthy vegan options available to me when I forget my lunch, but that’s just not the case.

A pack of sour patch kids, a few oreos, and a bottle of water do not make a healthy lunch.  The bottle of water is better than the bottle of diet soda I would have bought last year, but not good enough.

I know I should pack a good lunch.  I even know there are no good options if I don’t.  But it still doesn’t seem to be a priority. So I’m going to challenge myself to pack a healthy vegan lunchbox and I’d like to invite you to join me!

Write a blog post about the healthy vegan lunch you packed.  Link to this post so your readers know what we’re doing.  And then email me at theravegan @ with your link by September 20th.  Your blog doesn’t have to be vegan, but this lunch does.  If you don’t work outside the home just create a lunch that could go in a lunchbox.  Unlike many kids, we adults who bring our lunches generally have access to a microwave if we work in a building so things that need to be microwaved are a-ok.

Don’t have a blog?  Write a post and email me it to me and you can guest host here!

I’ll be talking about trying to pack healthy lunches for the first few weeks of school and then will wrap it all up with the blog challenge/carnival post sometime after the 20th.  I’m looking forward to hearing what you come up with, getting some ideas, and hopefully getting myself consistent at packing a healthy lunch.

Speaking of that… I need to get lunch packed for my first day back tomorrow!  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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  1. Will DO! Of course I need to update mine from the other week with all the new restaurants I found.

    But I do find that I don’t always pack a good lunch… must work on this. I am trying this week with my trip just got back from the store, lets see what I blog out this week.


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  3. This is a great idea!



  4. great idea.. though i dont have kids.. i have a husband..:). and he transitioned into vegetarian a few months back and is now slowly trying to transition into a vegan diet, and as everyone eventually finds out, he is finding hardly any options in his office cafe or nearby. So I was going to plan some meals for him to see if the lunchbox ideas works.. this is the right time for this challenge. If he will carry the lunchbox to office is a compeltely different challenge altogether:)


  5. […] chips, pears, and pudding.  Yum.  So far so good in remembering to pack a lunch.  I think the Vegan Lunchbox Challenge for Adults is making me think about it […]


  6. […] was going to photograph an entire week of lunches for the Vegan Lunchboxes for Adults Blog Challenge.  My excuse here is “why do it on a 4 day week?  Wait for a 5 day week.”  The truth […]


  7. […] that makes me feel a little, well, childish.  I haven’t written a post to wrap up the Vegan Lunchboxes for Adults Challenge because only one person wrote a post and I think, to some extent, I felt bad about it.  I never […]


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